Enable Address Validation

Enable Address Validation

CartRover offers optional US and International Address Correction and Verification, which provides the following functionality:
  1. Auto-correction and standardization of US addresses into their official format upon loading (CASS Certified)
  2. Auto-correction and standardization of international addresses for most countries
  3. Notification and optional holding of orders with incorrect addresses for review and correction
  4. Splitting of address combined into Address lines 1 & 2 into the corresponding address, city, state, and zip code fields

How to Set Up

For each Order Source you wish to enable Address Verification for, follow these steps:
  1. Browse to that Order Source in the Carts tab.
  2. Click Edit Setup, then locate the Verify Addresses option under the General Order Options settings.
  3. From the drop-down menu, select Shipping to enable for ship-to addresses or Shipping & Billing to enable for both ship-to and bill-to addresses.
  4. In the Which Countries drop-down menu, select whether you'd like to validate only US addresses, only international addresses, or both. (Prices vary—see below.)
  5. Select whether or not CartRover should Hold Back orders with Address Error. If enabled, you will be notified by email and must correct any address in CartRover before it will load into the warehouse.
  6. Click Save.
You can disable Address Verification for your entire account in the CartRover Profile & Billing tab. Disabling this here will turn off all address verification for all carts in your account.


Address Verification charges per order lookup. The exact rate depends on your monthly order volume. USA and International lookups are counted and charged separately. See the table below for rates:

Below 30 Lookups
Up to 500 Lookups
Up to 1,000 Lookups
2 cents each
1.5 cents each
7 cents each
7 cents each
6.5 cents each

Up to 8,000 Lookups
Up to 20,000 Lookups
Over 20,000 Lookups
1 cent each
0.9 cent each
0.8 cent each
6 cents each
5.8 cents each
5.5 cents each

Orders are charged for address validation lookup at the following times:
  1. When orders initially load into CartRover
  2. When the order address is manually edited and saved within CartRover
    1. You will be notified in real-time if the address was successfully corrected or not.
    2. You will be charged each time you edit an order's address.
Monthly volume will be calculated on the last day of your pay period to determine your per order cost. For example, if you have 550 US address lookups, you will pay 1.5 cents each for a total of $8.25. The Address Verification charges will be added to the upcoming bill as a separate line.

Additional Data

Along with verifying and correcting addresses, enabling will also make additional data available on the order, which can be used to improve shipping performance or lower shipping costs. These fields include the following:
  1. ship_address_type - R for Residential, C for Commercial
  2. delivery_barcode - USPS Delivery Point Barcode
  3. shipping_county - County Name
  4. shipping_county_fips - County FIPS code
  5. carrier_route - USPS carrier route code
  6. carrier_route_type - Example: city_delivery, rural_route, po_box
  7. shipping_latitude
  8. shipping_longitude
  9. address_confidence - Example: high, low
  10. address_analysis - JSON string of Delivery Point Validation and other data
For help accessing or using the fields, please reach out to CartRover Support. All fields are available through our API, and some fields are connected to our pre-built WMS integrations.

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