Amazon Could Not Upload Tracking

Amazon Could Not Upload Tracking

Error Message

Could not upload tracking information
Could not upload tracking info to Amazon for order: XXX-YYY-ZZZZ
Amazon said: The data you submitted is incomplete or invalid. For help fixing this, see


This error occurs when Amazon rejects the tracking information Extensiv Integration Manager sends to them. If the alerts lists a specific order, view that order and make sure that it includes a tracking number and a valid carrier name. If they are missing or incorrect, make sure your warehouse sends valid values and consider setting up SCAC Mapping to correct the carrier name.

Review On Amazon
You can review more detailed error messages in your Amazon account:
  1. Login to your Amazon Seller account.
  2. Browse to Orders > Upload Order Related Files
  3. Scroll down to Review File Status and History
  4. Here you will see reports for each time Integration Manager uploading tracking records to Amazon. Each report will include details on which orders were successfully marked as shipped and which failed & why.
    1. If Amazon does not provide a clear reason why you may need to each out to Amazon Seller support to ask them why they failed to load the shipment/tracking file.

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