Amazon Inventory Error - An FBA offer already exists on this SKU

Amazon Inventory Error - An FBA offer already exists on this SKU


Inventory sync to Amazon is failing with the following error message:
Could not upload inventory information
An FBA offer already exists on this SKU. To create a seller fulfilled SKU, either create a new SKU or make the SwitchFulfillmentTo value MFN.


This error happens if you have joined the Remote Fulfillment with FBA program (aka NARF) and some or all of your products are marked as sellable on FBA, but Extensiv Integration Manager is connected and syncing your Seller Fulfilled (MFN) inventory levels for these same products.

First, ensure that you always use a separate SKU if selling the same item on Amazon MFN and FBA. Do not sync your FBA inventory levels to Integration Manager, or if you do, disable your Amazon warehouse in Integration Manager so that inventory won't sync through.

Option 1: Leave the Remote Fulfillment Program

If you do not plan to use the Remote Fulfillment program, or entered it inadvertently, you can leave the program which will resolve these errors. To do that:
  1. Log in to Amazon Seller Central
  2. Browse to: Inventory > Remote Fulfillment with FBA > Unsubscribe

Option 2: Fix Offending SKUs

If this has happened to just a few SKU inadvertently, you can work with Amazon to remove those specific skus from the FBA program.

If you are able to split the FBA and MFN product into two completely separate listings on Amazon, this should also resolve the issue.

Option 3: Force MFN Inventory

In Integration Manager on the Amazon Cart settings page, you will find an option labeled "Force MFN Inventory." Enabling this option will make Integration Manager tell Amazon that all inventory records we send them are only for MFN products, no FBA products. This will solve the error as well.

While this is the correct and recommended solution, you must ensure that the SKUs you have Integration Manager syncing inventory for only refer to your MFN products, and not your FBA products. If you enable this option and Integration Manager syncs inventory for a SKU that matches an FBA product, that product may be removed from the FBA and Remote Fulfillment programs.

Integration Manager does implement a safety measure to prevent this option from switching FBA only SKUs to MFN skus. However this can still happen if you have a single SKU that is both MFN and FBA.
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