Amazon Inventory Sync Issue

Amazon Inventory Sync Issue

Review these steps if your Amazon inventory is not up to date.

Review Inventory Setup in Extensiv Integration Manager

This guide will walk you through all the Integration Manager settings to ensure everything is properly enabled. As part of this process, ensure that your Amazon SKUs match with one of the products codes you warehouse has provided. If they do not match, Integration Manager can not update inventory levels.

Review Status On Amazon

You can review the inventory upload status on Amazon to see if they accepted and successfully loaded the inventory records that Integration Manager sent. To view this:
  1. Login to your Amazon Seller Account
  2. Browse to Inventory > Add Products via Upload
  3. The Monitor Upload Status tab will show recent inventory uploads by Integration Manager. Each report will include details on which products were successfully updated, and which failed & why. For failed records, you may need to ensure there is a matching product SKU in Amazon, Integration Manager, and your warehouse.

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