Amazon Ship Methods

Amazon Ship Methods

The list below is all the possible shipping methods that Amazon may send with an order. Make sure these are mapped to your codes in Extensiv Integration Manager or that your WMS software can handle them.

Ship Methods

  • FreeEconomy
  • Standard
  • Expedited
  • SecondDay
  • NextDay

Prime Order Ship Methods

Integration Manager has a few settings that make it easy for your warehouse to detect and ship seller fulfilled prime orders. You can find these in your Amazon cart settings within Integration Manager.
  1. Ship Code prefix for Prime orders
    1. Optionally adds a customizable prefix to the standard Amazon Ship Methods above if the order is prime.
  2. Carrier for Prime Orders
    1. Set a custom carrier name to be passed to the back-end system for Prime orders.
  3. Ship Code for Prime Orders
    1. Set a custom ship code for all Prime orders. This overrides anything you put in the "Ship Code prefix" field above.

Printing Prime Labels

Integration Manager does not generate shipping labels. To purchase and print shipping labels from Amazon you will either need to implement Amazon's label API, or use shipping software that supports printing Amazon labels.
Integration Manager can send the required fields to your WMS that are required for printing Amazon labels. These are:
  1. Amazon Order Id
  2. Amazon Order Item ID (for each item)
    1. Not all WMS accept this field by default. You may need to tell Integration Manager support where to pass this field into your system.

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