An Order is Missing from CartRover

An Order is Missing from CartRover


CartRover failed to load or sync some of my orders.


Many things can cause this to happen. The most common is that a field on the order did not match the filters you have in place in CartRover. For example, Order Status or Payment Status.

  1. First check the Skipped Orders section of the Orders tab. This may tell you why CartRover skipped the order. Be sure to check the date range as you may need to search further back in time.
    1. If the orders is displayed here, it will include a reason for being skipped. You will need to make a change to the order or your CartRover settings for it to load.
  2. Open the order in your order source. Also cart settings page in CartRover. Compare the status, date, and other filter fields and ensure they ALL match properly. If they do not, change the status in your order source to match.
  3. Once you are sure they match, make any change to the order in your order source (such as correcting the order status or adding a note). This will cause CartRover to see the order was changed and re-try pulling it.
    1. Note: A handful of less common order sources do not work this way and you must re-trigger sending the order from within the order source.

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