ApparelMagic OMS Overview

ApparelMagic OMS Overview

ApparelMagic is an Inventory/Order Management System for the Fashion Industry.


Supported functions:

  1. Order Send
  2. Inventory Sync Pickup
  3. Product Detail Pickup
  4. Product Alias Pickup
  5. Shipment Confirmation Pickup - Detailed

ApparelMagic Aliases

CartRover can only pick up the following product aliases from ApparelMagic:

  • sku_alt
  • UPC_11
  • UPC (AKA upc_display)
  • vendor_product_sku

If you have any questions about these aliases, please contact ApparelMagic support. If you have other alias fields in ApparelMagic you need CartRover to load, please contact CartRover Support.

Frequenty Asked Questions

Can CartRover sync orders to Apparel Magic as invoices?
Yes, CartRover can automatically create invoices as well as allocate items, create pick tickets and create order payments.

How does CartRover retrieve shipping from Apparel Magic?
When searching for shipped orders, we will request a list of recently modified invoices that contain tracking numbers.

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