BigCommerce - Could not upload tracking - The field quantity is invalid

BigCommerce - Could not upload tracking - The field quantity is invalid


Shipment information is failing to load from CartRover into BigCommerce with the following error:
Could not upload tracking information for Order # XXXXXX: The field 'quantity' is invalid. The quantity specified is greater than the quantity of the product that is available to ship.


This usually means that these is not enough inventory in BigCommerce to ship out the order.
  1. Make sure that there is inventory in your WMS and BigCommerce for the affected SKU.
  2. CartRover syncs inventory from your WMS to BigCommerce. This lets BigCommerce know that there is enough inventory to fulfill the order.
This can also mean you have edited the order and reduced the quantity after the warehouse received it.
  1. You can change the inventory in BigCommerce back to the original quantity.
  2. You can manually add the tracking information into BigCommerce for the affected order.
  3. Be sure not to change the order details in BigCommerce after the warehouse has received the order. If you need to, it is best to cancel the existing order and create a new order.

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