CartRover Alert: Unmapped Ship Method

CartRover Alert: Unmapped Ship Method


The following ship method was received from the shopping cart, but no warehouse translation exists. Please select a translation in the Shipping Methods section 

Method code:

-View Ship Method Mapping 


When the connected shopping cart/order source sends a ship method code to CartRover that has not previously been used on an order, CartRover needs to know how to translate that code before sending the order to the warehouse. Each warehouse system will have its own set of codes that it supports. Each shopping cart shipping code needs to be mapped to a warehouse shipping code. Until the codes are mapped/matched, CartRover will hold the affected orders. Once mapped, the orders will be sent to the warehouse.


Step 1: Under the Alerts tab, click on the alert.

Step 2: Click the View Ship Method Mapping link

Step 3: The unmapped ship codes will show as . Click the dropdown menu to select the WMS Shipping Method for each unmapped code. Then click Save. The orders will send through to the warehouse automatically. 

Note: You will also receive an alert email (as long as your email is setup to receive CartRover alerts; all CartRover users are enabled to receive email alerts by default).

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