CartRover Doesn't Support the Cart I Use

CartRover Doesn't Support the Cart I Use

CartRover strives to support as many shopping carts and marketplaces as possible, but we can't support everything. If you need CartRover to connect to a cart or marketplace we don't yet support, here's what you should do:

Let Us Know

Reach out to CartRover Support 

We prioritize the most popular services, so letting us know what you want will help us decide what to implement next.

Use CSV Files

CartRover can accept almost any CSV format for loading orders. If you can export orders in CSV format from your system, CartRover can probably accept them. This can be done either manually or automated via FTP.

Documentation on CSV Formats is available here: CSV Files

Let is know if you need help setting it up in CartRover or mapping your custom CSV file format.

Use the CartRover API

The CartRover API allows you to integrate directly with CartRover in a highly robust and automated fashion. If you have some technical talent on your team, this is the best way to go.

API Documentation: CartRover API Documentation

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