CartRover Support Options

CartRover Support Options

You can view your support options and contact support any time by logging into CartRover and selecting the Support tab.

Support Hours

Support is currently offered from 8am to 5pm Pacific time.

Standard Support

All CartRover accounts come with Free Standard Support. This includes:
  1. Email support:
  2. Ticket support:
  3. Sales chat:
  4. Knowledgebase:
Expected ticket response time: Within 1 business day

Premium Support

Premium Support is an optional subscription for companies desiring quicker turnaround on tickets, and phone support. This includes:
  1. Everything from Standard Support
  2. Phone support (8am - 5pm Pacific): 1-805-399-2278
    1. Phone Support Code will be shown in the Support tab of CartRover.
    2. Extended phone support hours will be provided at a later date.
  3. 1 year support contract
Expected ticket response time: Within 4 business hours
Pricing: Up to date pricing is shown in your CartRover account in the Profile & Billing tab. At the time of this writing the pricing is:
  1. Merchant Accounts: $399 annually
  2. Warehouse Accounts: $1199 annually

Change Your Support Tier

You can change your support tier any time by logging into your CartRover account and clicking the Profile & Billing tab.

Subscribe to Premium Support

Make sure you have a credit card on file and click Change Support Tier. The available support options will be displayed along with the terms and pricing. All paid support options require a 1 year support contract paid up front. When you select your new support tier, you will be charged and your support plan will start immediately.
Your support plan will automatically renew yearly on the specified date unless you cancel the subscription in advance.

Change Support Tier button is Missing!
If you don't see the Change Support Tier button on the Profile & Billing page, it means you do not have billing access on CartRover. The primary CartRover user always has billing access and can give billing access to other users as needed. Learn More.

Cancel Premium Support

You may cancel your premium support plan at any time. Regardless of when you cancel, your support plan will remain active until the listed expiration or renewal date. When canceled, CartRover WILL NOT charge you further nor automatically renew your support plan. At the end of your current support contract, your support tier will automatically revert back to the Free Standard support tier.
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