CommerceHub Orders Late or Not Shipped

CommerceHub Orders Late or Not Shipped


CommerceHub is reporting that some of your orders are late shipping or have not shipped even though you shipped them.


First, verify that CartRover has tracking for the order and when it was sent to CommerceHub.

  1. Go to the CartRover Orders tab and select the desired order.
  2. On the right hand side, verify there is a Tracking Number and what date is set for: Shipping Sent to Cart

If the tracking is missing, make sure the order is properly shipped in your warehouse or shipping system first.

If the Shipping Sent to Cart date is after your CommerceHub ship date, you shipped the order too late and need to make sure you ship your orders on time.

If everything looks correct:

Check CommerceHub Error Summary

  1. Login to the CommerceHub OrderStream Dashboard
  2. Browse to Files > File Error Summary
  3. Check this page for Confirmation or Acknowledgement errors. Click the number next to the file type to review specific errors. If any are found, it may give a reason that answers your question. If it is not clear, forward the error to CartRover support.

Contact CommerceHub Support

If there are no errors found in the CommerceHub File Error Summary page:
  • Reach out to your CommerceHub support ( with specific PO numbers and let them know that you have shipped the order and that tracking was sent back to CommerceHub already.
  • Please have CommerceHub say why they rejected the tracking record we sent.
  • You may need/want to contact CartRover Support with the reason CommerceHub gives for rejecting the tracking to see if we can help resolve the issue.

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