CSV Mapping - Merchant Version

CSV Mapping - Merchant Version

Along with direct shopping cart integrations, CartRover allows the loading of order files in CSV format. CartRover allows you to map up your own custom CSV order format, or you can choose from a few pre-set standard CSV formats. 

Follow these instructions to map up your own custom format:

  1. Under the Carts tab, (If you have not done so already) click on New Setup and select CSV Files. 

  2. Then click the OK button at the bottom of the screen. 

  3. You should now see the screen below. Next, click on the Edit Setup button. 

  4. Change the setting "CSV File Format" to Custom

  5. Next, click on the "Manage CSV Formats" button. Click OK on the pop-up message. 

  6. Click on the "Order" button and then on the "New Order File" button. 

  7. It is recommended that you upload a sample file in the format you would like to map. To do this, click "Choose File"

  8. Browse for and select your sample file. Then click the "Upload" button. 

    When uploading a sample file for mapping, large files are not allowed. If your file is too big, try uploading a smaller sample file or edit your file so it only contains a few orders.

  9. You will now see your sample file on the screen. Click on "Map CSV Fields" and select your CSV Delimiter, whether your files will have a header row, and if your file will be in Vertical or Horizontal format. 

  10. For each column in your file, please select the field you would like to map it to.