Dear Systems Settings

Dear Systems Settings

This page covers the various options that can be set in CartRover and in your Dear Systems account. 

CartRover Settings

SettingDescriptionDefaultOther Options

Sale Status

Only pull orders with the selected Sale Status.PickedDraft, Voided, Estimating, Estimated, Ordering, Ordered, Backordered, Picking, Packing, Packed, Shipping, Invoicing, Invoiced, Credited, Completed, Packed & Shipping, Any

Take Order Lines From

Which portion of the order should we take the order lines (aka products) from? If selected lines are not found, CartRover will fall back to using "Order Lines"Order LinesPick Lines, Pack Lines, Invoice Lines

Ship Order Action

How should CartRover update the orders in Dear when marking them as shippedMark Packed & ShippedMarkShipped
Ship Method SelectionWhat field should CartRover pickup the Ship Method from on the orders?Shipping AccountAdditional Attribute, None

Shipping Account

If Ship Method Selection is set to Shipping Account, An Invoice Additional Charge with this Account will be used for the shipping information. (Use commas for multiple accounts. Eg: 2095,2096)Blank
Attribute Containing Ship CodeIf Ship Method Selection is set to Additional Attribute, what Attribute number should be loaded?Attribute 1Attribute 1 through Attribute 10

Location Name

Only pull orders with the following Location. Leave blank to load orders from all locations.Blank

Notes Field

Which Dear field should CartRover pickup the notes from?Order MemoQuote Memo, Invoice Memo, Credit Note Memo

Override Order Source

Override the default CartRover Order Source with whatever is in the field specified for each DEAR order. If field is blank for an order we fall back to the CartRover Order Source.NoUse Account Field, Use Sales Rep Field

Split Names

Dear puts the entire customer name into a single field. This option will split it into a First and Last name.YesNo
Use Additional Attributes Filters
When CartRover downloads an order it can filter for specific values in the Additional Attributes

Dear System Settings

Product SKU

Each product should have a SKU number listed that matches the SKU set in your WMS (Inventory tab → Select a product → SKU field)

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