Drop Ship Updates - June 15, 2020

Drop Ship Updates - June 15, 2020

The upcoming changes for DSCO are introducing some new requirements for inventory, shipping and order cancellation. These changes could impact your order flow by preventing your inventory from updating correctly or causing shipping data to fail to update. To avoid this please follow these steps before June 15th:

Setting Up Warehouses in DSCO:

  1. You will need to set up your warehouses in DSCO. You can do that using the Warehouse Management tool provided in the DSCO web portal. Their documentation for adding and editing warehouses can be found here.
  2. Once the warehouses have been created in DSCO, you will need to add their Warehouse Code to CartRover. The code can be found in DSCO under the Warehouse Manager tool.

  3. The Codes should then be added to their corresponding warehouses inside of CartRover. This is done by navigating to the Merchant screen and selecting the Locations & Products tile. Select the correct warehouse you wish to edit from the warehouse displayed below and click Edit Warehouse.

  4. In the Edit Warehouse screen you'll want to select Add Address which will open up a menu to add address data to this warehouse. Enter the Warehouse Code for your DSCO warehouse in the Address Location Number field. For DSCO connections the only field needed is the Address Location Number but you are welcome to fill out the remaining data fields as they may be useful for other connections. Select Add Address at the bottom of the form when you have finished filling in the information.
    Note: The cart field at the bottom allows you to limit this warehouse address to a specific cart. If used, this warehouse address will only be applied to updates for the specified cart. Otherwise the address will be used for all carts that request it.

  5. Select the Save button to save your new warehouse address.

Update Your Order Confirmation Mapping (FTP/CSV Connections):

DSCO connections using the FTP/CSV method will need to update their order confirmation mapping in DSCO to include the new 'package_warehouse_code' field. The updated CSV template and instructions on how to upload it can be found here.

Multi-Warehouse Support (FTP/CSV Connections):

If you only have a single warehouse, you can skip the below steps, however Option 1 below is still recommended as it may become required at some point in the future.
Due to the new warehouse requirements for inventory updates, the DSCO FTP/CSV connection will only support one warehouse in DSCO. If you use multiple warehouses to fulfill orders there are two options available:

Option 1) Transition to Using our DSCO API Cart (Preferred)

Our recently designed DSCO API connection was created to provide a more stable and flexible communications channel between the DSCO and CartRover systems. There are no cost differences between the two and DSCO has indicated that this will eventually completely replace the CSV method. For help transitioning to the new API connection please look at your transition guide here.

Option 2) Consolidate Warehouse Data in DSCO

If you have only a single warehouse in the DSCO platform, inventory updates from each warehouse in your WMS can be consolidated and added to that single warehouse. After creating your single warehouse in the DSCO system, add the warehouse ID to your default warehouse inside of CartRover (instructions above). All future inventory and shipping updates will then be assigned to that warehouse id in DSCO.

Note: You can determine which warehouse in CartRover is the default warehouse by navigating to your Merchants page, selecting Locations & Products and then selecting Map Warehouses at the bottom of the page.

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