DSCO - Missing Orders | Manual Acknowledgment

DSCO - Missing Orders | Manual Acknowledgment

DSCO grants its users the ability to manually acknowledge orders even in the presence of automation jobs. If you are using an automation job to assist with order exporting, you’ll need to refrain from manually acknowledging any orders that you expect to be picked up by Extensiv Integration Manager because they will be skipped over due to an incorrect status.

If for any reason an order was manually acknowledged in error and/or intentionally, you can reverse the status and retrigger the order for automated export by following these steps:

Click the Shipment Pending option under the Orders section on the left hand toolbar.

Within this page, you will need to click on the order in question.

On the order's page, proceed with clicking on Change Order Status.

The following page will display a workflow diagram. Click on “Created" to finalize the change in order status.

The order has now been reset and will be re-sent to Integration Manager if those services are enabled.

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