Duplicate Orders Created in Quickbooks Commerce

Duplicate Orders Created in Quickbooks Commerce


CartRover is creating duplicate orders in TradeQuickbooks Commerce Gecko.


While CartRover attempts to prevent duplicate orders by default, there are several reasons that the same order could be sent through to Quickbooks Commerce multiple times. These reasons include connection errors where CartRover will re-attempt sending an order if Quickbooks Commerce reports an error, or a user manually requesting CartRover to resend an order.

To prevent this, you can reach out to Quickbooks Commerce support and request that they enable the "Unique Order Toggle" for your Quickbooks Commerce account. This will make it so that if CartRover sends multiple orders with the same order number, Quickbooks Commerce will reject the duplicates.


  • If you have multiple order sources, CartRover will always ensure that the order numbers never overlap between those order sources.

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