EasyPost Testing Guide

EasyPost Testing Guide

Before going live with your EasyPost, please read EasyPost Fulfillment Integration Overview before taking actions. You will want to go through the following steps in order to ensure that the integration can be completed efficiently and smoothly: 

Step 1 - EasyPost Fulfillment Account - [In EasyPost]

  1. Please be aware that your EasyPost account type must be Fulfillment Account. Please reach out to EasyPost support if you want to modify your EP account type.

Step 2 - Upload your testing products to EasyPost Dashboard - [In EasyPost]

    1. TESTING (Inventory must be set for testing products)
  2. When conducting testing with EasyPost, please make sure to set CartRover EasyPost Test Mode to Enable.
  3. For a detailed guide regarding EP product upload, please visit EasyPost Creating New Product Guide.

Step 3 - Complete CartRover Shopping Cart Integrations and Load Orders - [In CartRover]

  1. Please refer to Order Source Page and connect CartRover to your Sales Channels/Carts. 

Step 4 - Map your marketplace products to your EasyPost Barcode inside CartRover - [In CartRover]

  1. You must turn on Inventory Sync in CartRover by going to Merchants --> Edit Setup --> Synchronization with WMS. It might take a while for CartRover to download your EP Item Barcode (Step 2 must be completed).
  2. In order to make sure that orders can flow correctly from CartRover to EasyPost, the products will need to be mapped correctly:
    1. Mapping the product identifier that is passed on from the marketplace to the corresponding EP product
    2. Please visit CartRover Creating Aliases page for instructions. 
    3. To batch upload Aliases, please visit Upload Product Aliases

You can also find more info via EasyPost Zendesk.
Please reach out to CartRover Support when you finish your testing. The support team will remove all your testing products before going live. 

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