Etsy - Why Is My Listing Inactive?

Etsy - Why Is My Listing Inactive?


Some products in Etsy are being marked as inactive and preventing sales. You can read more on this at Etsy's support site here.


Low Stock Levels

There are several different reasons why a listing might be marked as inactive. Most commonly it is a result of the product selling out. When the available stock quantity for a product inside Etsy goes to 0 the Etsy system will automatically mark it as inactive.

One possible solution is to use Extensiv Integration Manager's Auto Renew Inactive Products setting in your Etsy cart. When Integration Manager receives new inventory quantities for out of stock products it will automatically renew the product inside of Etsy and update it with the new values.

Note:  Etsy charges $0.20 USD for renewing Inactivate Products. You should monitor your Etsy account payment closely.

Expired Listing

An Etsy listing will only stay active for 4 months. If it does not sell during that time and you have not set it to automatically renew inside of Etsy then it will be moved to an inactive status.

Policy Violation

Etsy's policies reserve the right to remove or inactivate a product if they believe it is in violation. For more information on Etsy's policies please view the link here.

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