Home Shopping Network (HSN) - SPS Commerce

Home Shopping Network (HSN) - SPS Commerce

Required fields

  • Custom Shipping Handling Fee (G830) if any
  • Retailer Vendor Address (Type Code: VN)
  • Retailer & Vendor Name

Supported Documents

  • 850 Purchase Orders 
  • 856 Shipment

Setup Guide

SPS Commerce Cart Setup

  1. Choose HSN as your Retailer Module in SPS Commerce Cart setup page. Fill in Custom Shipping Handling Fee (G830) if it is necessary. 
  2. Please disable Acknowledgement (855) and Invoice (810) files. 
  3. Please click on OK button to save current SPS Commerce Cart! 

Fill in Retailer Info

  1. Go to Cart info page, and click on Retailer Info icon. 
  2. Please fill in Retailer Name and Vendor name fields. UID field can be ignored due to label service is currently not available for HSN. 
  3. Retailer/Trading ID should be the same as Trading Partner ID from your current SPS Commerce Cart setting. 
  4. Vendor Address (Type Code: VN) is REQUIRED for HSN. Click on Add Address button to add vendor address.  
  5. Do not forget to click on Save button to save current page! 

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