Houzz Seller & Houzz Vendor Workflow

Houzz Seller & Houzz Vendor Workflow

It is important in CartRover to select whether you are using the Houzz Seller or Houzz Vendor as the two work differently. Choosing the wrong option can cause orders to be missed or not flow into you backend system automatically.

This page explains how the two different program work and what settings are available.

Houzz Seller Workflow

Houzz Seller orders go through several Processing steps. You can decide at which point in the process you would like to charge the customer and ship the order.

Default CartRover Settings

  1. CartRover will pull New or In Production orders. These orders have be authorized, but not yet charged.
  2. Once loaded into CartRover, CartRover will automatically mark the orders as Processed and Charged in Houzz.
  3. The order will be sent to your backend system for shipping.

Other Options

Alternatively you can manage the Process and Charge steps manually. To do so:

  1. Select which Order Status CartRover should wait for before loading orders. For example:
    1. To not load orders until after you have manually marked them as charged, select Charged in CartRover.
    2. To not load orders until you have marked them as Processed, select In Production in CartRover.
  2. Disable the order workflow steps in CartRover that you have already performed.
    1. If you manually charge orders, disable both Mark Orders as Processed and Mark Orders as Charged.
    2. If you manually mark orders Processed, disable only Mark Orders as Processed and CartRover will still charge the orders once they are loaded.

It is important that these settings are correct or you risk missing orders. We recommend the default CartRover settings which will load all orders automatically once they are placed and will automatically charge the customer without requiring any manual interaction.

Houzz Vendor Workflow

Houzz Vendor orders are immediately charged. Once charged CartRover loads them so they can be shipped by your warehouse.

The Order Status field in CartRover should be set to Charged.

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