Houzz Updates - Cal Title 20

Houzz Updates - Cal Title 20

On January 1st, 2020, California implemented additional changes to their California Title 20 regulatory requirements for energy efficiency. In order to ensure compliance Houzz is requiring their vendors to complete the CalTitle20 section for each of their products. A copy of their notification is included below.

What This Means For CartRover Accounts

Failing to update your products inside of Houzz, with the request information, will effectively block all inventory updates to CartRover. If your connection is currently generating errors stating 'Cal Title 20 is required' then you must update that information inside of Houzz before inventory updates can resume.

Houzz's Guidance

  1. Hello,

    We are writing to provide an important update on a product compliance initiative that applies to you. 

    As explained in our compliance update sent to all Vendors in January, Vendors are responsible for ensuring products sold on Houzz comply with all applicable laws and must ensure that products are marked as compliant or non-compliant with Title 20 of the California Code of Regulations §§ 1601-1609 (“Title 20”). As a reminder, products that are covered by Title 20 are subject to regulations administered by the California Energy Commission (e.g. most showerheads are required to have a maximum flow rate of 1.8 gallons per minute at 80 psi). Products that are marked as non-compliant with Title 20 by Vendors will be restricted from shipping to California. 

    When uploading new products for sale on Houzz or updating existing product listings, the “CalTitle20” field is now mandatory for certain categories such as lighting and bathroom and must be completed before a product can be submitted for listing on Houzz or updated. You will not be able to submit a product for listing or update a product without completing this field.

    Houzz also requires you to proactively update all current product listings for Title 20 compliance. 

    Houzz offers two ways to add Title 20 compliance to your listings.

    Use “CalTitle20” as a header in the Houzz data template and upload using the Import New Products or Update Existing Products option, as applicable. Options for CalTitle20 are 'Yes' or 'No'. Marking an item ‘Yes’ means that it complies with the regulations. 

    When adding a new listing through ‘Add Product’ you will see the section to complete “Cal. Title 20 Compliant”. For existing product listings, use the Edit button on Manage Products to locate the “Cal. Title 20 Compliant” section of the listing. You can choose Non-Compliant or Compliant and save the update. 

    All recipients of this email need to take one or more actions. You can also reach out to productdata@houzz.com for any additional assistance with your listings.

    This notice and reminder does not in any way modify or supersede any of the terms of the Vendor Agreement that applies to your sale of products on the Houzz platform.  All terms of your Vendor Agreement with Houzz remain in full force and effect.

    Thank you for your continued partnership,

    The Houzz Team

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