How CartRover Handles Errors and Retrying

How CartRover Handles Errors and Retrying

Errors and Alerts

Any time a system connected to CartRover has an error while we communicate with it, CartRover will report that error message to the warehouse or merchant account in the Alerts tab. The CartRover alert will display the message received by that system, as well as any relevant information CartRover knows such as the specific order number or product code affected.

Automatic Retrying

CartRover will automatically retry most errors/alerts to automatically resolve them. If CartRover is able to resolve an issue, the alert in the CartRover Alerts tab will be dismissed automatically.

Alerts that always require manual interaction, such as an address error or a ship method mapping error, will not be retried until a user has updated the order in CartRover. CartRover will send a notification email for these issues requiring further interaction.

  1. Orders that fail sending to the WMS will be re-tried once per hour. You can also trigger them to-resend immediately by editing them or selecting "Resend to WMS" from the CartRover Orders page.
  2. Other failures like tracking and inventory will be retried every time CartRover communicates with that system.
Any record that fails too many times in a row will eventually be skipped by CartRover. An alert will be raised and you can manually trigger the record to be re-sent once corrected in CartRover. For Orders sending to the WMS, CartRover will try sending each individual order for about 15 days before it stops trying. Other failures will try for a few days up to a month depending on the frequency we communicate with that system.


CartRover will send emails to all alert contacts for any errors/alerts that CartRover can not resolve automatically. You can set your frequency that you receive alert emails in the Profile & Billing section of your account.

Certain alerts, such as missing ship method mapping, will trigger an immediate email to the alert contacts. These emails will contain a direct link to resolve the issue.

More Information

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