How to Cancel & Refund a Shopify order from CartRover

How to Cancel & Refund a Shopify order from CartRover

CartRover has implemented the ability to cancel/refund an order (or a partial order) that has loaded into CartRover from a Shopify cart.

If you need to cancel/refund an order from Shopify:

  1. Check to see if the order has been downloaded by CartRover. If it has not downloaded to CartRover, cancel the order in your Shopify store. 
  2. If the order has been downloaded by CartRover, check the status of the order (in CartRover) for instructions on how to proceed:

    NewThe order has been downloaded by CartRover, but has NOT been sent to the WMSCancel/refund the order in CartRover
    At WMSThe order has been sent to the WMSYou MUST cancel the order in the WMS system to ensure it does not ship. The cancellation only works between CartRover and Shopify. It will not send a cancellation request to the WMS. If you use a 3PL fulfillment center, you must check with them to ensure they are able to cancel the order. If you are able to cancel the order in the WMS system, you can then cancel/refund the order within CartRover.
    ShippedThe order has already been shippedThe order has shipped and no cancellation is possible.
    ConfirmedThe order has shipped and tracking has been posted to Shopify alreadyThe order has shipped and no cancellation is possible.

  3. To cancel/refund the order, find the order under the Orders tab, click on the order, and from the Actions menu, select "To Cart" and "Cancel/Refund in Cart"

  4. Enter a refund note (optional), select whether the shipping charge should be fully or partially refunded, select whether to cancel the entire order or to cancel part of the order (if cancelling part of the order, enter the qty of each product that should be cancelled), and click Confirm. 

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