How to Ignore Shopify POS Orders

How to Ignore Shopify POS Orders

If you need Extensiv Integration Manager to ignore POS orders so they don't get sent to your warehouse for Fulfillment there are a few different ways to handle this.

Option 1: Automatically Mark POS Orders as Fulfilled

You need to make sure Shopify marks the orders as Fulfilled automatically. This way Integration Manager will see the orders do not need shipping and ignore them.

Instructions for automatically marking POS orders as fulfilled in Shopify are available here:

Option 2: Setup Custom Fulfillment Services

In Shopify setup Custom Fulfillment Services. One for online orders and one for POS orders. In Integration Manager, enable the Filter Orders By Fulfillment Service option, and enter the name of the Custom Fulfillment service that Integration Manager should load orders for. Any others will be ignored. More info on how to set this up is available here: Shopify Custom Fulfillment Service - Routing Items

This has an additional advantage when syncing inventory levels through Integration Manager. Integration Manager will only sync inventory levels for items with the matching Fulfillment Service.

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