Invalid api path - Magento

Invalid api path - Magento


CartRover displays the following error message when connecting to Magento:

Invalid api path


This error is most commonly caused by improperly adding custom endpoints to the Magento API, which breaks/blocks the standard API endpoints. If you have done this, either correct or remove the custom API endpoints. It is possible other modifications or plugins have caused this error as well. CartRover can only support the default/standard Magento API functionality.

If this connection used to work without errors, please try undoing any recent Magento customizations or disabling recently installed Magento extensions to see if that resolves the problem.

Check your Magento error logs and web server logs for error messages which should point to where in the Magento code this error is getting thrown.

Example of potential Magento issues causing this error:

Review this guide for debugging your misbehaving custom Magento API endpoint:

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