Invalid response from WooCommerce

Invalid response from WooCommerce


You are receiving the following error message in Extensiv Integration Manager:

Invalid response from WooCommerce.

Integration Manager only uses the native functionality built into WooCommerce without modifying it in any way. Integration Manager does not need nor provide a WooCommerce Plugin.

Solution - Status 500

This is caused by an error in your WooCommerce site (status code 500). The most common reasons are a plugin you installed or a customization made to your WooCommerce installation. Because Integration Manager does not modify WooCommerce and WooCommerce is hosted on your own servers, you must find and resolve this issue yourself or with the help of your existing IT/Support. However the information below can help to diagnose the problem.

  1. Turn on WooCommerce debugging. This will allow Integration Manager and others to see the exact error message WooCommerce is reporting.
    1. Lean how to turn on debugging here:
    2. Be sure to turn off debugging after the issue is resolved.
  2. Check the WooCommerce error logs as well as the web server error logs on your server. They will contain the error message and usually point to the location in the WooCommerce code causing the error.

This information will help you identify the plugin or change causing the error. You will then need to do one of the following:

  1. Disable the plugin
  2. Contact the plugin's support and report the issue so they can fix it
  3. Work with your IT team or WooCommerce support to fix the issue in WooCommerce.

If you determine which plugin was causing your issue, please let Integration Manager support know.

Solution - Status 403

This is caused by a misconfiguration with your WooCommerce server (status code 403). Please work with your server admin or other IT resources to ensure you have properly configured both WooCommerce and your web server.
403 means that your web server is refusing access to certain URLs. Make sure that your server is allowing access to the following endpoints and all subdirectories:
  1. /wc-api/
  2. /wp-json/wc/
Other possible causes:
  1. Your webserver configuration that is stripping off Basic Authentication Headers.
  2. You have installed a plugin which modifies the standard WordPress/WooCommerce API authentication
  3. There are some reports of the PHP-FPM module causing authentication issues. It is not clear what configuration options here may be blocking the authentication headers.

Solution - Status 301 or 302

This is caused by a redirect on your site. When Integration Manager attempts to connect, we are redirected to a different URL. To solve this, the URL entered in Integration Manager must be corrected. You can test this by adding "/wp-json/wc/v2" to the end of your store URL and visiting it in a browser. Check if the browser URL changes to a different address.
This is most commonly caused if you enter your Store URL as http:// when it is actually https:// or including/excluding the www. portion of your URL when your site expects it the other way around.

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