Rover Missing a Product Code

Rover Missing a Product Code


Items in CartRover are missing a product code or SKU which causes problems in the Warehouse or Order Management System.



This happens when the merchant has not setup product SKUs in their shopping cart. The SKU or Product code field is required so CartRover can match up items between the shopping cart and warehouse system.

Add Missing SKU

The process to set this up varies by shopping cart, so please contact your shopping cart support if you need help.

Once this is setup in your cart, new orders will begin loading with SKUs into CartRover, but old orders will still be missing the field. You will need to manually edit those orders in CartRover to add the SKU.

Ignore these Orders

If these items intentionally have no sku because you don't plan to ship them, you should do one of the following instead:

  1. Mark the item as downloadable or non-shippable in your Shopping cart. Many carts support this feature. Once you've done that you can go into the CartRover settings to tell it to ignore downloadables or non-shippable items.
  2. Setup an Item Filter for the cart in CartRover. Choose a filter type of Blacklist and add a blank product. CartRover will then ignore items with no sku.

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