Joor Category List

Joor Category List

The following is a list of Categories supported by Joor. You must use these category names in your back-end system in order for CartRover to sync product categories from your backend system to Joor during product sync.

Womens Bracelets
Womens Watches
Womens Tech Accessories
Womens Sunglasses
Womens Small Leather Goods
Womens Bum Bags
Womens Scarves
Womens Rings
Womens Capes
Womens Umbrellas
Womens Other Jewelry
Womens Necklaces
Womens Mitts
Womens Keychains
Womens Bath & Beauty
Womens Jewelry
Womens Beanies
Womens Belts
Womens Hats
Womens Hair Accessories
Womens Gloves
Womens Gifts
Womens General Accessories
Womens Fragrances
Womens Earrings
Womens Sports Bras
Womens Tanks
Womens Shorts
Womens Tops
Womens Leggings
Womens Outerwear
Womens Jackets
Womens General Apparel
Womens Skirts
Womens Shorts
Womens Shirts
Womens Cardigans
Womens Rompers
Womens Pullovers
Womens Evening
Womens Blazers
Womens Pants
Womens Overshirts
Womens Blouses
Womens Activewear/Yoga
Womens Mini Skirts
Womens Long Skirts
Womens Leggings
Womens Knits
Womens Knit Dressing
Womens Jumpsuits
Womens Dresses
Womens Jumpers
Womens Jackets/Blazers
Womens Jackets
Womens Cozy
Womens Hoodies
Womens Bodysuits
Womens Coats
Womens Cashmere
Womens Vests
Womens Tops
Womens Tees
Womens Cargo
Womens Tank Tops
Womens Sweaters
Womens Suits
Womens Destroyed Denim
Womens Shorts
Womens Legging
Womens General Denim
Womens Dresses/Skirts
Womens Jumpsuits & Overalls
Womens Joggers
Womens Cropped
Womens Cargo
Womens Relaxed Straight
Womens Slim Cigarette 
Womens High Waist
Womens Petite
Womens Pants/Trousers
Womens Skinny
Womens Straight Leg
Womens Relaxed/Slouchy Skinny
Womens Blazers & Jackets
Womens Boyfriend
Womens Skinny Boot
Womens Bootcut
Womens Super Skinny/Legging
Womens Maternity
Womens Wide Leg
Womens Tops & Shirts
Womens Flare
Womens Sentiment Gifts
Womens Small Treasures
Womens Car Accessories
Womens Hydration
Womens Mugs
Womens Stationery
Womens General Goodies
Womens Oversized
Womens Backpacks
Womens Clutches
Womens Cross Body
Womens Evening Bags
Womens Everyday Bags
Womens General Handbags
Womens Hobos
Womens Pouch
Womens Satchels
Womens Shoulder Bags
Womens Top Handle
Womens Totes
Womens Wallets
Womens Chocolate
Womens Bath
Womens Bedding
Womens Gift Sets
Womens Rugs & Carpets
Womens Dining/Tabletop
Womens Office
Womens Baby & Kids
Womens Outdoor/Seasonal
Womens Wall Decor
Womens Candy
Womens Windows
Womens Decorative Accessories
Womens Pet Accessories
Womens Lighting
Womens Organization & Storage
Womens Kitchen
Womens Candles & Fragrances
Womens Cookies & Crackers
Womens Travel
Womens Gifts & Occasions
Womens General Consumables
Womens Furniture
Womens Leggings
Womens Ped
Womens Fashion
Womens Trouser
Womens Tights
Womens Thigh High
Womens Knee High
Womens Legwarmers
Womens Socks
Womens Novelty
Womens Boyshorts
Womens Intimates Accessories
Womens Camisoles
Womens Sleepwear
Womens Shapewear
Womens General Intimates
Womens Slips
Womens Panty
Womens Bras
Womens Bridal
Womens Loungewear
Womens Undies
Womens Tops
Womens Thongs
Womens Robes
Womens Chemises & Babydolls
Womens Teddies & Corsetry
Womens Other Jewelry
Womens General Jewelry
Womens Trench Coats
Womens Raincoats
Womens Leather
Womens Jackets
Womens Fur
Womens Vests
Womens Puffers
Womens Overcoats/Coats
Womens General Outerwear
Womens 1 Pieces
Womens Fleece
Womens Blousons
Womens Pants
Womens Parkas
Womens Down Jackets
Womens Bombers
Womens Espadrilles
Womens General Shoes
Womens Training
Womens Trainers
Womens Boots
Womens Casual
Womens Sneakers
Womens Booties
Womens Sandals
Womens Running
Womens Pumps
Womens Rainboots
Womens Evening
Womens Wedges
Womens Flats/Loafers
Womens Flip Flops
Womens Ballerinas/Flats
Womens Insulated
Womens Hiking
Womens Heels
Womens Hand Sewn Collection
Womens General Sunglasses
Womens Bottoms
Womens One Pieces
Womens Bikinis
Womens General Swimwear
Womens Tops
Womens Cover Ups
Mens Necklaces
Mens Earrings
Mens Bracelets
Mens Sunglasses
Mens Tech Accessories
Mens Keychains
Mens Hats
Mens Ties
Mens Jewelry
Mens Beanies
Mens General Accessories
Mens Caps
Mens Wallets
Mens Belts
Mens Pocketsquares & Ties
Mens Scarves
Mens Rings
Mens Watches
Mens Pins
Mens Mitts
Mens Gloves
Mens Small Leather Goods
Mens Luggage & Bags
Mens Cufflinks
Mens Socks
Mens Fragrances
Mens Jackets/Outerwear
Mens Cardigans
Mens Cargo
Mens Denim Pants
Mens Blazers
Mens General Apparel
Mens Wovens Accessories
Mens Graphics
Mens Wovens Jacket
Mens Hoodies
Mens Jackets
Mens Jumpsuits
Mens Knits
Mens Knits Pants
Mens Knits Top
Mens L/S Knits
Mens L/S Shirts
Mens Activewear
Mens Nightwear
Mens Accessories
Mens Overshirts
Mens Pants
Mens Polos
Mens Polos/Tees
Mens Pullovers
Mens S/S Knits
Mens S/S Shirts
Mens Wovens Leather
Mens Shirts
Mens Shorts
Mens Shorts/Trousers
Mens Suits
Mens Sweater Pant
Mens Sweater Top
Mens Sweaters
Mens Swimwear
Mens Tank Tops
Mens Tees
Mens Wovens Outerwear
Mens Tops
Mens Wovens Pants
Mens Trousers
Mens Underwear
Mens Vests
Mens Wovens Shirt
Mens Cargo
Mens Slim
Mens Bootcut
Mens Slim Skinny
Mens Jackets
Mens Slim Straight
Mens Denim Pants
Mens Trouser
Mens General Denim
Mens Flare
Mens Straight Leg
Mens Joggers
Mens Relaxed
Mens Taper
Mens Shirts
Mens Chinos
Mens Shorts
Mens Skinny
Mens Leather
Mens Fur
Mens Down Jackets
Mens General Outerwear
Mens Vests
Mens Wovens Leather
Mens Raincoats
Mens Puffers
Mens Pants
Mens Jackets
Mens Wovens Outerwear
Mens Blousons
Mens Parkas
Mens Overcoats/Coats
Mens Overcoats
Mens 1 Pieces
Mens Fleece
Mens Trench Coats
Mens Bombers
Mens Insulated
Mens Hiking
Mens Hand Sewn Collection
Mens General Shoes
Mens Training
Mens Casual
Mens Loafers
Mens Boots
Mens Boat Shoes
Mens Sneakers
Mens Oxfords
Mens Formal
Mens Shoe Care
Mens Trainers
Mens Sandals
Mens Running
Mens General Swimwear
Home Duvets & Shams
Home General Bedding
Home Bath & Body
Home Sheet & Pillowcases
Home Bath Towels
Home Pillows
Home Blankets & Throws
Home General Bath
Home Chocolate
Home Cookies & Crackers
Home Candy
Home General Consumables
Home Gift Sets
Home Vases
Home Storage & Organization
Home Rugs & Runners
Home General Decor
Home Candles & Holders
Home Books
Home Mirrors & Frames
Home Windows
Home Trays & Bowls
Home Art
Home Decorative Pillows
Home Dining & Accent Tables
Home Chairs & Ottomans
Home General Furniture
Home Sofas
Home Beds
Home Shelving
Home Pet Accessories
Home Baby & Kids
Home Stationery
Home Outdoor & Seasonal
Home Gifts & Occassion
Home Travel
Home Office
Home General Home
Home General Kitchen
Home Glassware
Home Barware
Home Dinnerware
Home General Dining
Home Floor Lamps
Home Ceiling Lamps
Home General Lighting
Home Floor Lamps
Home Wall Lamps & Sconces
Home Table Lamps
Baby Boys Bibs
Baby Boys General Accessories
Baby Boys Socks
Baby Boys Hats
Baby Boys Blankets
Baby Boys Polos
Baby Boys Hoodies
Baby Boys Shorts
Baby Boys Swim
Baby Boys General Apparel
Baby Boys Pants
Baby Boys Sweaters
Baby Boys Shirts
Baby Boys Jackets
Baby Boys Box Sets
Baby Boys Tops
Baby Boys Bottoms
Baby Boys Two Piece Sets
Baby Boys Coveralls
Baby Boys Tees
Baby Boys Outerwear
Baby Boys Onesies
Baby Boys General Shoes
Baby Boys Sneakers
Baby Boys Booties
Baby Girls Socks
Baby Girls Hats
Baby Girls Blankets
Baby Girls General Accessories
Baby Girls Bibs
Baby Girls Box Sets
Baby Girls Hoodies
Baby Girls General Apparel
Baby Girls Jackets
Baby Girls Two Piece Sets
Baby Girls Bottoms
Baby Girls Onesies
Baby Girls Outerwear
Baby Girls Pants
Baby Girls Dresses
Baby Girls Polos
Baby Girls Rompers
Baby Girls Shirts
Baby Girls Shorts
Baby Girls Coveralls
Baby Girls Sweaters
Baby Girls Swim
Baby Girls Tees
Baby Girls Skirts
Baby Girls Tops
Baby Girls Jumpsuits
Baby Girls Sneakers
Baby Girls General Shoes
Baby Girls Booties
Baby Neutral/Accessories Hats
Baby Neutral/Accessories Bags
Baby Neutral/Accessories General Accessories
Baby Neutral/Accessories Bibs
Baby Neutral/Accessories Shoes
Baby Neutral/Accessories Socks
Baby Neutral/Accessories Diaper Bags
Baby Neutral/Accessories Outerwear
Baby Neutral/Accessories Bottoms
Baby Neutral/Accessories Two Piece Sets
Baby Neutral/Accessories Onesies
Baby Neutral/Accessories Tops
Baby Neutral/Accessories Dresses
Baby Neutral/Accessories Bath Toys
Baby Neutral/Accessories Tubs
Baby Neutral/Accessories Towels
Baby Neutral/Accessories Changing Tables
Baby Neutral/Accessories Feeding
Baby Neutral/Accessories Toys
Baby Neutral/Accessories Cradles
Baby Neutral/Accessories Blankets/Bedding
Baby Neutral/Accessories Slings
Baby Neutral/Accessories Strollers
Baby Neutral/Accessories Carseats
Baby Neutral/Accessories Travel Accessories
Girls Sunglasses
Girls General Accessories
Girls Mittens/Gloves
Girls Jewelry
Girls Bags
Girls Hats
Girls Scarves
Girls Onesies
Girls Swim
Girls Sweaters
Girls Bottoms
Girls General Apparel
Girls Jackets
Girls Shirts
Girls Rompers
Girls Pants
Girls Shorts
Girls Two Piece Sets
Girls Jumpsuits
Girls Knits
Girls Skirts
Girls Tops
Girls Polos
Girls Denim
Girls Hoodies
Girls Outerwear
Girls Tees
Girls Dresses
Girls Leggings
Girls Trench Coats
Girls General Outerwear
Girls Down Jackets
Girls Blousons
Girls Fur
Girls Bombers
Girls Parkas
Girls Overcoats/Coats
Girls Leather
Girls Boots
Girls Wedges
Girls Sneakers
Girls Dress Shoes
Girls Sandals
Girls Flats
Girls Bottoms
Girls Cover Ups
Girls Bikinis
Girls One Pieces
Girls Tops
Girls General Swimwear
Boys Mittens/Gloves
Boys Scarves
Boys Sunglasses
Boys Hats
Boys Jewelry
Boys Bags
Boys Tees
Boys Polos
Boys Pants
Boys Shirts
Boys Shorts
Boys Outerwear
Boys Denim
Boys Onesies
Boys Hoodies
Boys Swim
Boys Tees
Boys Tops
Boys Bottoms
Boys Jackets
Boys General Apparel
Boys Bombers
Boys Overcoats/Coats
Boys General Outerwear
Boys Blousons
Boys Down Jackets
Boys Leather
Boys Trench Coats
Boys Fur
Boys Parkas
Boys Sneakers
Boys Dress Shoes
Boys Boots
Boys General Swimwear
Unisex Hats
Unisex Gloves
Unisex Sunglasses
Unisex Bracelets
Unisex Jewelry
Unisex Keychains
Unisex Clip-Ons
Unisex Small Leather Goods
Unisex Necklaces
Unisex Umbrella
Unisex Earrings
Unisex POP
Unisex Rings
Unisex Optical
Unisex Bags
Unisex Fragrances
Unisex Tech Accessories
Unisex Scarves
Unisex Belts
Unisex General Accessories
Unisex Socks
Unisex Sweaters
Unisex Cardigans
Unisex Tank Tops
Unisex Blazers
Unisex Vests
Unisex Tees
Unisex General Apparel
Unisex Outerwear
Unisex Denim Pants
Unisex Tops
Unisex Bottoms
Unisex Cargo
Unisex Overshirts
Unisex Knits
Unisex Shorts
Unisex Jumpsuits
Unisex Shirts
Unisex Pants
Unisex Jackets
Unisex Hoodies
Unisex Pullovers
Unisex Water Bottles
Unisex Backpacks
Unisex Sleeves
Unisex Totes
Unisex Soft Travel
Unisex Packables
Unisex Bag Accessories
Unisex Hydration
Unisex Pouch
Unisex Messenger
Unisex Sleepings Bags
Unisex Shoulder Bag
Unisex Hip Pack
Unisex Packs
Unisex Luggage
Unisex Tents
Unisex Headwear
Unisex Wallet
Unisex Duffle
Unisex Day Packs
Unisex General Outerwear
Unisex Parkas
Unisex Fur
Unisex Bombers
Unisex Down Jackets
Unisex Leather
Unisex Blousons
Unisex Overcoats/Coats
Unisex Boots
Unisex General Shoes
Unisex Sneakers
Unisex Flip Flops
Unisex Flats
Unisex Sandals

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