Load Packed Orders from TradeGecko

Load Packed Orders from TradeGecko

Most users have orders flow from TradeGecko to Extensiv Integration Manager before they are packed in TradeGecko. In this scenario the entire order loads into the warehouse and Integration Manager will mark it packed & shipped after the warehouse ships it.

Alternatively, you can manually pack your orders in TradeGecko and have Integration Manager pickup the separate shipments for a single TradeGecko order as separate Integration Manager orders. You can even partially pack an order one day for Integration Manager to pickup, and pack the rest another day for Integration Manager to pickup. This is one way to handle backorders or manually split orders.

For this to work properly, you must follow the setup instructions below.

Manually Packing Order in TradeGecko

Selecting Manual in the Shipments section of TradeGecko, will let you select which items should be placed in each box before being sent to the warehouse.

You can also use the TradeGecko Connect app to automate this process.

Required Integration Manager Setup

You must set the Order Fulfillment Status field to either Any Status, or Unshipped or Partially Shipped. Any other status and Integration Manager may not pickup additional packages for a single order.

You must set the Order Pack Status field to Packed or Partially Packed (note, you cannot select just "Packed" or we will only load complete orders once fully packed). Any other status and Integration Manager may not pick up additional packages for a single order.

Other Settings

The other Order Status settings in Integration Manager can be set however you need/want them to be.

We recommend the Order Status be Finalized.

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