Magento 2 Settings

Magento 2 Settings

This page covers the various options that can be set in CartRover and in your Magento 2 account.

CartRover Settings

SettingDescriptionDefaultOther Options

Order Status Filter

Only pull orders with the selected Order State/Status. Note: an order State can contain many order StatusesState = ProcessingStatus = Processing, Custom State Code, Custom Status Code

Limit to single Store ID

Leave blank to pull orders from all Magento Stores. Put an ID here to pull from just one store.Blank
Invoice Orders When Shipped
Should CartRover create an invoice for orders when we are marking them as shipped? Only shipped items will be invoiced.

Send Magento Confirmation Email

Should Magento send an email when we mark an order as shipped?YesNo

Ignore Virtual Items

Ignore Magento items defined as Virtual? If yes, we will filter these products out before loading.NoYes
Ship Code Field
Which field should CartRover use when loading the shipping method from Magento
Shipping Method
Shipping Description

Using Custom Carrier Trackers

This will allow user to using Extento Plugin: Custom Carrier TrackersNoYes
Load Order Comment
Should CartRover load all Order Comments as shipping_instructions? If No, only customer_note is loaded
Pass Item Shipment Attributes
If enabled, specify which Shipping Item fields should be passed to Magento as Extension Attributes during Ship Confirmation.
Mark Order As Completed
Should CartRover mark orders as Completed when uploading Shipment Confirmation?
Load Configurable Item Lines
Should CartRover load item lines marked as configurable. This is NOT recommended as it can lead to duplicate lines shipped by the warehouse is not properly setup in Magento. CartRover normally loads only the components of a configurable product.
Load Bundle Item Lines
How should bundle items be loaded?
Bundle SKU and Component SKU
Bundle SKU Only, Component SKU Only
Tax Type
Do the item prices include tax? Inclusive if yes, Exclusive if no.

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