Master Level Accounts

Master Level Accounts

Master Level accounts in Extensiv Integration Manager are a special account level that let you manage multiple Warehouse and Merchant accounts in a single place. This is primarily used by Order Management or Warehouse Management software companies who want to tie Integration Manager into their system and offer Integration Manager to their customers without their customers needing to setup a separate Integration Manager account. This is also a way to whitelabel Integration Manager inside of other software.

Advantages of Master Level Accounts

  • Master users have a dashboard showing all managed accounts and can quickly and easily access all their accounts with a single login.
  • Optionally give your customers Integration Manager login access to their sub-accounts, or whitelabel Integration Manager services.
  • All sub-accounts are on the same billing cycle
  • Net 30 payment terms
  • Detailed account invoices provided
  • Priority support access available for large accounts
  • Perform tighter integration via API

Billing Information

  • All Master Accounts are billed with Net 30 terms - ACH payments and Credit Card payments are supported
    • You will be given an account & routing number to push your monthly payments to. This account number may change from time to time so review the invoice closely.
    • Services like that require Integration Manager to perform manual steps to accept payment are not allowed. Pushing payments is your responsibility as Integration Manager verifies all ACH/WIRE payments automatically. If you can not push payments, you are not eligible for a ACH payments and must pay via Credit Card.
    • You are responsible for any bank or wire transfer fees. Integration Manager expects to receive the full amount that the invoice was created for.
    • Merchant Sub-accounts with no active carts during the billing period are not billed for. This differs from standalone merchant accounts who must always pay the base fee.
    • Sub-accounts do not receive 30 days free, however their first month is pro-rated for the number of days the account was actually open that pay period.

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