Master Level & Partner Support

Master Level & Partner Support

Common Extensiv Integration Manager partner or Master Account support scenarios.

New Customer Introduction

If you are referring a new customer to Integration Manager to introduce them and get their setup started, please email:

Include the following information:

  • Company Name & Customer contact information. Feel free to CC the customer directly on introductory email.
  • Plan type (Merchant or Warehouse)
  • Integrations needed and which direction
    • eg. Orders from Shopify to 3PL Central
  • If any non-standard or custom connections are requested, please provide details.
    • eg. Client would also like to load orders from FooBar Cart. Can you provide a quote for this system?
  • Any time frames available.

Migrate Account Into Master Account

If your client setup their own Integration Manager account, but instead their account should be a part of your master account, please reach out to with which account needs to be migrated. After migration you will be responsible for the billing of their account usage.

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