Migrating from DSCO V2 to DSCO V3

Migrating from DSCO V2 to DSCO V3

To upgrade your DSCO credentials to V3 credentials in preparation for DSCO's future change, follow these directions:

You or the DSCO partner should send an email to support@dsco.io with the title of 'Create Client Credentials for Me'. In the body of the email, include the name of the account, the DSCO Account ID, and a user name of the user inside the account the client credentials should be associated with.

Sample email body:
I need DSCO v3 API credentials (Client ID and Secret).

Account Name:
Account ID:
User Name:

Thank you

Once generated, DSCO's support team will send the client credentials to the DSCO partner in a secure manner. Enter these credentials into CartRover under the DSCO Edit Setup page, then click Test, then Okay.
The DSCO partner should take great care to keep the Client Secret safe and secure.

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