Missing Walmart Orders

Missing Walmart Orders

If you are missing any missing Walmart Orders, please verify the following:

Ensure your Walmart Integration Type is set correctly

CartRover can only pull from a single marketplace at a time. If you sell in multiple Walmart marketplaces you will need a separate connection in CartRover for each one.
In the CartRover settings, the Integration type is set to either Marketplace or Drop Ship Vendor.
If set to Marketplace, please verify that the correct Marketplace region is selected
  1. USA
  2. Canada
If Drop Ship Vendor, please ensure that a DSV Order Ship Node is provided.

Do Not Manually Acknowledge Orders

CartRover loads new (aka released) orders from Walmart. If you acknowledge an order in the Walmart dashboard, you are telling Walmart the order has already been sent to fulfillment and thus CartRover will never see it.

This issue is most common if you have set CartRover to pull orders infrequently. Workers may see the unacknowledged orders and manually acknowledge them leading to this issue. Having CartRover pull orders frequently and informing employees not to manually acknowledge orders will solve this issue going forward.
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