New Integration Checklist

New Integration Checklist

When connecting a new account to CartRover, review the following general notes to ensure a seamless integration.
  1. Order IDs: Some warehouse management systems or other software have limitations on character types and length. Check with your provider and make sure that your order source is generating order IDs that are within those parameters. Cartrover provides a full Order Number in the field cust_po_no and a shortened but still unique order number in cust_ref.
  2. SKUs/Items/Product Codes: In order for any order interface to function properly, the SKUs in the order source must match the SKUs in your warehouse software. If your warehouse system does not recognize an incoming SKU, the order will be rejected. If the SKUs in the order source are different than the ones being used in your warehouse, then item aliases or promotional codes must be created for each corresponding item in your WMS.
  3. Initial Orders: When most new interfaces are configured and initiated, all recent open orders in the cart will be downloaded by CartRover. It is essential that all shipped orders are marked as closed/shipped in the cart/order source so that CartRover does not retrieve them. Also be sure to set the "Earliest Order Date" before turning on the connection for the first time to ensure CartRover searches back far enough.
  4. Test orders: It is highly recommended that all new integrations are verified by using test orders. This way it can be verified that item IDs and shipping codes are translating over correctly to your WMS. Place a test order in your cart and make sure it loads all the way through to your backend system.
  5. Basic Access Authentication: If you are hosting your own cart, do not turn on extra Basic Access Authentication or CartRover may not be able to access your cart's API endpoint (URL).
  6. Allow Incoming Traffic: CartRover uses the following IP addresses which you may need to whitelist:,
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