No order/fulfillment loaded - Pulse Commerce

No order/fulfillment loaded - Pulse Commerce


CartRover is not loading fulfillments/orders from Pulse Commerce, even though the Pulse Commerce Test button shows no connection issue.


Pulse Commerce uses a fulfillment batch feature. CartRover can only pull orders by keeping track of the latest Batch ID. If you skip over batches and leave them empty, CartRover cannot detect this because Pulse Commerce does not provide a way to detect this. If this happens, you need to look up the next non-empty Batch ID and enter that into the Pulse Commerce CartRover settings page.

CartRover will look 4 batches ahead every time we check for orders to try and skip over empty batches. If you have more than 4 empty batches in a row you will need to manually update the Batch Id using the instructions above.

Update Batch ID

  1. Go to your CartRover Pulse Commerce setup page to obtain current Batch ID.
  2. Verify if current Batch ID is empty in Pulse Commerce.
  3. Replace Batch ID Starts From field in the CartRover Pulse Commerce setup page with the next non-empty Batch ID in Pulse Commerce.

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