Order Charge Field Definitions

Order Charge Field Definitions

The definitions below are how CartRover uses and calculates price fields. If you do not follow this standard, CartRover cannot guarantee the price information the warehouse receives will be correct.

Order Header Fields

sub_total: Sum of Order Line extended_amount fields.

  • Does not include sales_tax, order_discount, or shipping_handling
  • If loading orders, you may need to add the order_discount to the sub_total if the cart has one and doesn't include it in the sub_total.

order_discount: Total post-tax discount on order as a positive number.

  • Overall discount passed from cart + (Sum of addl_discount from Order Lines)

sales_tax: Total tax on order

  • If tax is set on Order Line this must match the sum of all order line tax fields. Most interfaces don't set tax on the order line.

shipping_handling: Total shipping charge for the order passed from cart. No relation to the order line shipping_surcharge field.

grand_total: sub_total + sales_tax + shipping_handling - order_discount

balance: Not used right now. Set to 0 or leave off completely.

Order Line Fields

quantity: Number/Quantity of this product ordered.

price: Cost of a single item. Does not include taxes, discounts, or shipping charges.

discount: Pre-tax Discount amounts to be applied to EACH single item as a positive number.

addl_discount: Post-tax Discount amount to be applied to the total item line as a positive number.

tax: Taxes applied to the total quantity of the total items in this line.

shipping_surcharge: Extra shipping charges that were added because of the total items in this line.

extended_amount:  (price - discount) * quantity

  • Does not take addl_discount or tax into account

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