Salesforce API Limit

Salesforce API Limit


REQUEST_LIMIT_EXCEEDED: TotalRequests Limit exceeded.

If you are receiving the above error in your Salesforce connection, there are a few possible reasons and a few possible solutions.


  1. You have other applications accessing Salesforce and using up your API calls.
  2. You have bulk loaded records recently.
  3. You have so many orders or products, normal operations are using up your API calls.


Check who is using up your API calls. To do that, copy the URL below and replace na1 with your instance url:

The Client Id column will list what application is using the API calls. If the field is blank, it could be due to bulk loading of data or another app you use. All CartRover API calls will identify themselves in this column, but other apps may not.


  1. Temporary fix: If the issue is a temporary one due to something like recently bulk loading products. You may request a temporary increase from Salesforce. Here is information on doing so:
    1. When bulk loading products it may take several calls per product. One to load the product and another to sync the inventory level. Be sure to request enough for both steps.
  2. Permanent Fix: If you are continually running out of API calls due to heavy usage in your account, contact your Salesforce account representative to purchase more. More info available here:

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