SCAC Mapping

SCAC Mapping

SCAC (Standard Carrier Alpha Code) mapping is needed if your Order Source does not recognize the carrier code that the WMS uses.

SCAC Mapping can be located from the Merchants tab under SCAC Mapping.

Under your SCAC Mapping in CartRover, you will find a list of ‘WMS Carrier Codes'. This list will auto-populate as carriers are received from your WMS in confirmation files. Any WMS Carrier Code that auto-populates will be set to ‘*PASSTHROUGH* - DO NOT TRANSLATE’ by default.

You can add to the list manually if you wish to complete the mapping before receiving any confirmation files by clicking the ‘Add…’ button at the bottom of the list.

For each entry under the ‘WMS Carrier Code’, you can select a translation from the dropdown menu under ‘Mapped SCAC Code’. The SCAC code list is a globally standard list and cannot be modified. If you know of an official SCAC code that is missing from the list, please reach out to support to request that it is added.

When CartRover sends tracking information back to the order Source for a shipped order, it will now send the Mapped SCAC Code instead of the WMS Carrier Code.

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