Set Warehouse Address in Extensiv Integration Manager

Set Warehouse Address in Extensiv Integration Manager

Some connections, particularly EDI ones require the Ship From Address when we send back tracking. To do this, you must add your warehouse addresses in Extensiv Integration Manager.

Step-by-step guide

  1. In the Merchant tab, go you Locations & Products
  2. Select the desired warehouse and then click Edit Warehouse
  3. Click Add Address and enter the information

Important Notes:

The Address Name field is required for most EDI connections, be sure to enter the warehouse name here.

The Address Location Number is sometimes required. Is so, this number will be provided by the EDI providor. They may have another name for it, like Location ID.

The Cart (Optional) field at the bottom lets you assign this address to a specific cart connection instead of using it for all your connections. This is useful if you have multiple EDI connections that require different Address Location Numbers for the same warehouse, so you can set up one address per cart.

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