Setting Up Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment

Setting Up Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment

Supported Amazon MCF
Integration Manager supports Amazon MCF for the Americas, Europe, Australia, and Japan. Separate connections are needed for each.

Required Parameters

  • Amazon Seller Central Login

Step-by-step guide

View instructions for you your specific Amazon Zone below.
  1. First, In Extensiv Integration Manager, go to the WMS Setup tab and select Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment
  2. Select your desired Amazon MCF Country
  3. Click Grant Us API Access in Integration Manager
  4. Follow the steps in Amazon to approve Integration Manager access to Amazon
  5. Once Complete, Integration Manager will display a Success message
  6. Click the Test WMS Connection button to verify the connection. Then click Save.

Shipping Methods

After you save the Amazon connection, Integration Manager will automatically load the standard ship methods available for Amazon.
Be sure to read up on Ship Method Mapping in Integration Manager to make sure your orders ship properly.

Product Codes

Amazon MCF only allows creating new orders/shipments using the Amazon Seller SKU. Make sure your shopping carts are set up with this value as the SKU or Product Code. If your order source can not provide the correct value, look into Product aliases in Integration Manager.

Shipping Options

For each sales channel/cart you connect to Integration Manager, you will find the following options which will control how Amazon ships the orders:
  1. Use Blank Boxes
    1. Enable to have Amazon ship your order in a blank non-Amazon branded box.
  2. Block Amazon Carrier
    1. Enable to require Amazon use a 3rd party carrier (Don't deliver with Amazon's own carrier).

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