Setting Up DEAR Systems

Setting Up DEAR Systems

Integration Specs:

  • Supported functions:
    • Order Download
    • Shipment Confirmation - Detailed
    • Invoicing
    • Inventory Sync
  • Required Parameters
    • Account ID
    • API Key
Additional Fee
DEAR charges an additional $50 per month on some plans for a CartRover connection.

Step-by-step guide

  1. To find your Account ID and API Key login to Dear Systems and click Integration > DEAR API Setup
  2. Click + next to Overview in the upper left to add a New API Application. Enter a name like CartRover
  3. Copy down the Account ID and Key which will be entered into CartRover
  4. Click Save

You can come back to this page any time to look up your existing credentials or reset them if needed.

Dear Locations

In order to perform inventory sync with Dear, you must setup one cart connection in CartRover for each Dear Warehouse Location. Set the "Location Name" in the Dear cart settings.

Changing Location on Ship:
Dear sets the order's Shipment Location when the order is first placed. By default, CartRover will mark the order as shipped at that same Location Dear provided to us on the order.
If your WMS may change the warehouse that shipped the order and you need this changed location reported back to Dear, you must set up your Dear location codes in the CartRover warehouse list. To do this, Click on Locations & Products in CartRover, select a warehouse, click Edit Warehouse, click Add Address.
  1. Place the Dear Location Name in the "AddressLocationNumber" field in the CartRover Warehouse Address.
Notice, if you Pick or Pack your orders automatically before having CartRover pull them, CartRover may be unable to change the order's shipment location. In this case you must either let CartRover Pick and pack your Dear orders, or you must remove the AddressLocationNumber from CartRover so we do not attempt to change the location when the order ships.

Dear Sale Status List



No data is added to sale details. Quote and order are empty and not authorised


Task has been voided


QuoteStatus = DRAFT, OrderStatus = NOT AVAILABLE


QuoteStatus = AUTHORISED or Skip Quote=true, OrderStatus = NOT AVAILABLE


OrderStatus = DRAFT


OrderStatus = AUTHORISED, all products in sale order are in stock, no backordering.



OrderStatus = AUTHORISED, at least one product in sale order has been backordered



PickStatus = DRAFT




PackStatus = DRAFT




ShipStatus = DRAFT


OrderStatus=AUTHORISED, ShipStatus=AUTHORISED, InvoiceStatus=DRAFT


ShipStatus=AUTHORISED, InvoiceStatus = AUTHORISED or InvoiceStatus = PAID, TotalInvoice – TotalPaid <> 0


CreditNoteStatus = AUTHORISED, TotalInvoice – TotalPaid <> 0


InvoiceStatus = PAID, ShipStatus=AUTHORISED, TotalInvoice – TotalPaid = 0

* Statuses denoted can only be used to retrieve Sales Orders if they are simple sales within Dear. Advanced sales orders cannot be pull from Dear using these statuses.
Address Issues
A common issue is that the Address Dear sends to CartRover doesn't match what is displayed on the screen in Dear. This is caused by editing the address in Dear on the order screen. DO NOT DO THIS! Be sure to add the corrected address to the system and use the new address with the order. This is the only way CartRover can load the corrected address information.

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