Setting Up EasyPost Fulfillment

Setting Up EasyPost Fulfillment

Required Parameters

Credentials from EasyPost Fulfillment that are needed to setup this connection in Extensiv Integration Manager.

  • Production API Key
  • Test API Key

Step-by-step guide

  1. Login to your EasyPost account
  2. Click on your email in the upper left, then click API Keys
  3. Click Add Additional API Key at the top of the page, then click Create API Key
  4. Click the Copy icon next to the hidden key.
  5. Pase they key into the Integration Manager WMS Setup tab.
  6. Click on Test WMS Connection and then Save.

Test Mode (Optional)

Test mode allows you to send test orders to EasyPost that won't actually be shipped.

  1. The EasyPost Test API Key is found on the same page as the Production API Key
  2. When using the Test API Key, in Integration Manager WMS Setup page enable the EasyPost Test Mode field. Disable the field when you are ready to switch to production.
  3. For more info regarding EP Tesing, please go to EasyPost Testing Guide.
Credentials Failing?
If your EasyPost Prod/Test API Keys are not testing successfully in Integration Manager, please contact EasyPost technical support. Your account may not be classified properly as a vendor account.

If you are switching from an EasyPost native connection to a Integration Manager connection, be sure to notify EasyPost to turn off their connection when you start with Integration Manager to prevent duplicate orders shipping.

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