Setting Up Etsy

Setting Up Etsy

Integration Specs:

  • Supported functions:
    • Order Download
    • Shipment Confirmation
    • Inventory Sync
  • Required Parameters
    • Etsy Shop ID
    • Etsy Username
    • Etsy Password

Step-by-step guide

  1. Go here to lookup your Etsy Shop ID:
  2. Go to the Extensiv Integration Manager new Etsy setup page, and fill in your Shop ID.
  3. Click on Grant Us API Access button to start the connection with Etsy.

    1. If you don't have login access yourself, Instead click Share Setup Link, enter the client's email and click Save. They will receive a setup email. Instructions for client to follow: Cart Setup Share
  4. A new window will open and redirect you to Etsy Login Page. Please follow instructions on the page to finish the connection process. 
  5. Click on the Test button in Integration Manager to verify if the connection works. Then click on OK button to save the connection. 

Inventory Sync
Integration Manager will only sync inventory to active Etsy products. If your products are inactive because you have not yet started selling, Integration Manager will sync inventory once you have activated your products as long as the SKU in Etsy matches the SKU in your backend or WMS system.

Automatic Activation of Listings
Etsy does not allow apps like Integration Manager to set inventory levels to 0 when an item is out of stock. Instead, if an item is out of stock, Integration Manager will mark it as Disabled/Inactive.
With "Automatic Activation of Listings" enabled, If Integration Manager detects that a previously active Etsy product becomes inactive, but there is inventory available, Integration Manager will automatically attempt to re-activate that listing when adjusting the quantity. This may lead to re-listing charges in your Etsy account. This feature is useful to automatically re-activate your Etsy listings once new inventory has arrived at the warehouse.

If you wish to stop selling a product on Etsy, ensure that the inventory level in your WMS is 0. If not, you must add the product SKU to the Item Blacklist in Integration Manager or turn off the Auto Renew Inactive Products feature in the Integration Manager Etsy settings.

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