Flowspace Setup

Setting up Flowspace

Integration Specs:
  1. Supported functions
    1. Order Download
    2. Inventory Sync
    3. Shipment Confirmation
  2. Required Parameters (Provided by Flowspace)
    1. API Key
Step-by-step guid:
Step 1: Sign up for a CartRover merchant account.

Step 2: Contact Flowspace to obtain your API key.

Step 3: Start by entering your Flowspace API key. Go to the Merchabt tab > Edit Setup and enter your API key in the required field. In order to use this account for live orders the Enable Flowspace Test Environment drop down must be set to No. This is the default setting and should only be changed by developers who need to test new connections or functionality.

Step 4: Click Test to ensure that you are able to connect to Flowspace with your API key. This step is important! During the test process CartRover will acquire additional information from Flowspace that is necessary for the setup of your account. It is at this time that we will request and store your Flowspace customer id, as well as a list of warehouses that you have set up in Flowspace. You will be able to select from your list of warehouses during the setup of your cart or marketplace.

Step 5: To set up a new shopping cart, go to the Carts tab, click New Setup, and select the cart you would like to connect. For instructions specific to the chosen shopping cart/marketplace, select the cart from the Order Sources list.

Step 6: When setting up a new cart you have the option to choose a specific warehouse that you would like to route all orders to, as well as enter your Shipping Billing Account. If no warehouse is chosen, the default option is for Flowspace to automatically route the order to the warehouse closest to the order destination. If the Flowspace Shipping Billing Account Number field is left blank, the orders will default back to the shipping information that is passed from the cart with the order.

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