Setting Up Google Shopping

Setting Up Google Shopping

Required Parameters

Credentials from Google Shopping that need to be entered in Extensiv Integration Manager. The setup guide below will explain how to obtain these:

  • Google Email
  • Google Password
  • Google Merchant ID

Step-by-step guide

  1. In Integration Manager setup a new Google Shopping cart or click Edit Setup if you have already set one up. 
  2. Click the Grant US API Access button on Integration Manager Google Shopping cart setup page. 
    1. A window should pop out and ask for your Google Merchant permission.
  3. Return to the Integration Manager page where you will be informed if the connection was successful.
  4. To obtain your Google Merchant ID, please log into your Google Merchant Center. You can find your Merchant ID at the upper right of the screen. Enter this into Integration Manager.

  5. Click on the Test button to confirm the connection. 
  6. See Inventory Sync Setup instructions below to enable Inventory syncing.
  7. Make sure to save the page by clicking on the OK button. 

Inventory Sync Setup

In order for Integration Manager to sync inventory levels to Google Shopping, Google requires that you set up a "Supplemental feed" in your Merchant Center:
  • In the Google Merchant Center, select Products > Feeds
  • Click on Add supplemental feed
  • Give it a name like "Integration Manager Inventory" then select "Content API" and hit Continue
    • If the Content API option is not available, got back to the Feeds page and first setup a new Primary Feed and select Content API for it.
    • If the option is still not available after this, you must reach out to Google support to have them enable it.
  • Select all of your relevant Product Feeds and click Create Feed
  • Click on the feed you just created and copy the Feed ID into the Integration Manager Inventory Feed ID field (in the Integration Manager Google Shopping Edit Setup page).
  • Click OK to save your changes in Integration Manager.

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