Setting Up Katana MRP as Order Destination

Setting Up Katana MRP as Order Destination

Required Parameters

  1. Katana Username and Password

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Select Katana in the WMS Setup tab of CartRover
  2. Click the Grant Us API Access button.
    1. You will be directed to Katana to login and permit CartRover access to your account.
    2. Once complete, you will be directed back to the original CartRover browser tab. In a few seconds you should see a Success message pop up.
  3. Click Test WMS Connection to confirm access to Katana.

      4. Click Save once you have confirmed that the test was successful. 
Note: Testing the Katana connection is dependent upon at least one fulfillment location being present in Katana. If the test is failing and you have not added a fulfillment location to your Katana account, please do so and re-attempt the test.

Additional Cart Level Settings

There are additional settings for your Katana connection that will need to be set on the Cart level. These settings allow you to choose:
  1. Whether or not to allow CartRover to automatically create new products in Katana
  2. Which Katana Warehouse to fulfill orders from.
To setup these settings:
  1. Choose the Cart that you would like to update the Katana settings for from the CartRover Carts tab.
  2. Select Edit Setup
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page where you will see Katana WMS Information.

Available Settings
  1. Warehouse allows you to select the fulfillment location that you would like used for this cart. If unchanged, orders will be fulfilled by the default Katana location.
  2. Auto Create Missing Katana Products is set to No by default. Changing this setting to Yes will cause CartRover to create a new product records in Katana for any item on an order where a matching SKU is not found to already exist in Katana. This can unintentionally create duplicate products if your sales channels uses a different SKU than exists already in Katana. Please use caution with this setting.

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