Setting Up Magento 2

Setting Up Magento 2

Magento version 2.1.10 or above is required.
Since Magento is self-hosted and highly customizable, you are expected to have IT contacts who can manage and debug any issues that appear in your Magento installation or server as these are out of Integration Manager's control. If you do not, we recommend considering a cloud hosted shopping cart platform instead (eg: Shopify, BigCommerce, etc).

Integration Specs:

  • Supported functions:
    • Order Download
    • Shipment Confirmation - Detailed
    • Inventory Sync
  • Required Parameters
    • Store URL
    • Account email and Password

Step-by-step guide

  1. Go to Extensiv Integration Manager and setup a new Magento cart or click Edit Setup for an existing one.
  2. Enter your Magento store URL.
  3. Click the Grant US API Access button.
    1. You will be directed to your Magento Admin page where you should login to your account if it is not done automatically.
    2. If you are not directed to the admin section, in the page that pops up, navigate to the Magento admin yourself. This is a Magento security feature. DO NOT close the Integration Manager tab.
    3. If you don't have login access yourself, Instead click Share Setup Link, enter the client's email and click Save. They will receive a setup email. Instructions for client to follow: Cart Setup Share
  4. Within the Magento admin section, go to System > Extensions > Integrations
  5. Click Add New Integration and then enter the following fields. The URL entries must match exactly!
    1. Name: Integration Manager (or another name that lets you know who this connection is for)
    2. Email:
    3. Callback URL:
    4. Identity link URL:
  6. Click API on the left hand side of the screen.
  7. Select the Sales, Catalog, Carts, Stores->Settings->Configuration->Inventory Section, Stores->Inventory->Sources, Stores->Attributes->Product and Stores->Attributes->Attribute set sections.

  8. Click Save at the top of the screen.
  9. Click the Activate link on the new line labeled Integration Manager
  10. Click Allow in the upper right.
  11. Close the Integration Manager window that pops up
  12. Confirm the connection and then return to the original Integration Manager page where you will be informed if the connection was successful. If Integration Manager does not display a Successful Authorization message, the following are common reasons:
    1. Too much time has passed between setup and clicking Activate. Remove the integration from Magento and start from scratch. Try to complete the entire install within a minute.
    2. Your web server is stripping off headers. Headers are required to connect to Magento2. Please work with your IT to make sure headers are not being removed by your web server.
    3. The Store Base URL setting is incorrect in your Magento settings. There may be extra directories in it, or it may be missing directories.
  13. Click OK at the bottom of the page to save.
By default, orders must have the order state of processing for Integration Manager to download them. Note that Magento has both a "status" and "state" field for orders. You can view and map your statuses to the desired state within Magento by going to Stores > Order Status. You can change the state or status that Integration Manager searches for in the Integration Manager Magento settings page.

Connection Issues
If the connection does not complete after following the steps above, check these most common issues you may need to fix on your Magento server:
  1. Your Magento Base URL setting is incorrect in Magento
  2. Your server is blocking or redirecting away from the following URLs:

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