Setting Up Neto

Setting Up Neto

Required Parameters

Credentials from Neto that need to be entered in Extensiv Integration Manager. The setup guide below will explain how to request/obtain these:

  • Store Address
  • API Username
  • API Key 

Step-by-step guide

  1. To set API User Group permission, please go to Setup & toolsAll settings & toolsStaff User Accounts & PermissionsStaff Permission Groups. Then click on API User to edit group permission. (Click on if no API User group exists.)
  2. Make sure that Permission Group Role has been set to API. Then click on API Access Control. For quick setup, Select Allow All under Allow drop menu. (For more security, only enable GetItem, GetOrder, UpdateItem, UpdateOrder)
  3. Click Save & Close at the bottom right.
  4. To create API Access credentials for Integration Manager, please go to Setup & toolsAll settings & toolsStaff User Accounts & PermissionsStaff Users. Click on to generate user.
  5. Please Fill in all required fields:

    FieldsValuesRequired for Integration Manager?
    UsernameIntegration ManagerThis is the API User
    First NameIntegration Manager
    Last NameIntegration Manager
    PasswordPlease click Set Random Password
    PINPlease fill in random 4 digits
    API KeyPlease click RegenerateThis is the API Key
    User Permission GroupAPI User
    Default WarehouseChoose default warehouse for Integration Manager API
  6. Click Save button at the bottom right.
  7. Enter the API Username, API Key, and your store URL into Integration Manager.
Warehouse ID
  1. To load orders from all locations, please leave Warehouse ID field blank (Inventory Sync will be disabled for this cart).
  2. To obtain Warehouse ID, please go to ProductsWearhouses/Locations.

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